Sire:                            Dam:
 Dajackie Nelson               Lady Luck of Dajackie

Please remember your puppy relies on you for everything - especially love and care

We will post updated photos on this page as soon as possible of puppies that are available.
Please contact us direct on
02 6368 3419, 02 8004 8496, or email to and let us know what you want and if we can help
we will send further details and photos of pups that might suit you, as they become available.  Better still, come and inspect the puppies
that we have and you can meet mum and dad and pick out a puppy then.  From time to time we do have older puppies or adolescents
available, and if you are looking for an older dog let us know, and we will try and help you.  Occasionally we hear of Mini Foxies that need
re-homing and can let you have details of these as they come up.  We will only recommend dogs that we know, so that you can be assured
they are okay.
Your enquiries and/or visits are always welcome.

If you are interested in purchasing any of these Dajackie Mini Foxie puppies I am accepting
deposits now.  Once I receive your deposit that puppy will be secured for you.

Puppies can not go to their new homes until they are at least eight weeks old. When you take delivery of your
puppy it will have had its first vaccination, will have been Microchipped and will have been given a thorough
health check by the vet.  It will also have been wormed every two weeks from the time it is a fortnight old.
It is vitally important that your puppy has its second and third vaccinations, and some vets may suggest a fourth
vaccination if Parvo virus is prevalent in your area.

When visiting your vet with your new puppy we do encourage you to talk to them about
"Puppy Pre School". Most Veterinary Practices run a "Puppy Pre School" and it is a wonderful way to socialise
your puppy with other puppies of varied breeds as well as introducing them to other people.  It is also a "nice"
experience for them at the veterinary premises where their first introduction was to have a needle. I do
thoroughly recommend that all puppies should go to "Puppy Pre School"

Included in the price of your puppy is the following: All puppies will have been thoroughly vet checked for any health issues, and are in
good health when they leave here (we will supply a vet certificate if required (for Vets Fee)). They will have had their first vaccination,
and will be micro chipped before going to their new homes.    All puppies are wormed regularly from two weeks of age, and are ready to
be picked up from 8 weeks of age provided they are eating and drinking independently to my satisfaction - puppies need to be older if
they are flying to their new home. Wherever possible we prefer that puppies are picked up, so that you can see them in their own
environment and meet their siblings and mum and dad. All our puppies have been well handled, have lovely temperaments, are well
socialised, are playful, but gentle & loving, and are looking forward to going to a new home where they will be loved and cared for. In
return your puppy will be your loving, loyal, friend & companion for life.

Please remember your puppy relies on you for everything - especially food and water.
  Sire:                              Dam:
  Dajackie Nelson                 Abby Lane of Dajackie
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1 outstanding Tan and White male with bobtail and
1 beautiful Tan and White female with long tail   

All enquiries to Mrs Jackie Davis, Dajackie Mini Foxies  
phone: 02-6368-3419 or 02-8004-8496 (in Australia) and 61-2-6368-3419 or 61-2-8004-8496 (from overseas)

Please remember your puppy relies on you for everything - especially a warm dry bed, good quality fresh
food, lots of love and cuddles.

To ensure an easy to manage, loyal and well behaved puppy it is a really good idea to take your puppy
along to your local vet's "Puppy Preschool".  You can find out about when and where your local vet runs
their Puppy Preschool when you take your puppy along for his/her second vaccination.  Always remember
Mini Foxies are not really a mini dog at all - they are really a "Big Fierce Dog in Little Dogs Clothing",
and it is with this in mind that we at Dajackie thoroughly recommend your puppy should attend Puppy
Preschool.  It is an exciting and adventurous experience for you and your puppy, and is a wonderful way
of socialising your puppy with other puppies of all shapes and sizes (and their owner/handlers too). An
extra bonus, is that preschool is usually held at your local vets premises and is a "good" experience for
your puppy instead of the usual "needle jabbing - not so good" experience that puts many puppies off
visiting their vets in the future.  
5 Beautiful Tan and White Puppies,
2 males with long tails,
1 female with a long tail
and 2 females with natural bobtails
Litter Born 5th February 2019
Ready to go to new homes 2nd April 2019

We do occasionally have a few older pups & adults  available for sale if you are interested. They are
lovely dogs, who would fit well into any family situation, & will make wonderful loyal companions.
Please do not hesitate to contact me for any  further information you may want
"Home of the Big Hearted Little Aussie Dog"
Dajackie Mini Foxie pups are bred and raised in a safe family environment with love and expertise.  

It is our hope that people who think they want a puppy, are making a well thought out and responsible decision before
they decide whether to purchase a puppy.  A puppy who will be a loyal and loving companion for many years to come.  

Over the past few years we have made it our policy not to sell puppies that are destined to be Christmas or Birthday
presents, unless the recipient really wants a Mini Foxie puppy, and has the skill and understanding to love and properly
care for their "gift". Unfortunately we quite often hear that puppies, (of all breeds), given as gifts, go to family or
friends who really don't want a dog, and especially not a puppy that can be a lot of work in the early days. Sadly, we
often hear of beautiful pedigree puppies ending up in Council pounds and shelters once the "novelty" has worn off,
desperately seeking someone who will give them a loving forever home, sometimes these surrendered dogs do find
loving homes, but sadly often they don't.

This is every genuine and caring breeder's worst nightmare. So please don't be offended if we give you the "third
degree" to satisfy ourselves that you are a genuine dog lover who will love and care for your new puppy and who can
realise your new family member, will hopefully be a very real part of your family for at least 15 years or more. Mini
Foxies are known for their longevity and it is not unusual for a Mini Foxie to live for 17 - 18 years or more. You also
need to realise that the price you pay for your puppy, is really just a "down payment" and you will be responsible for
your dogs financial "upkeep" for the rest of his/her life; by way of food (only the best will do), regular worming,
annual vet fees (and sometimes more than annual), good clean comfortable bedding, warm clothing for the winter
months and 'special care or boarding' if you go away on holiday and can't take your dog with you.

Mini Foxies love to play outdoors, they are an adventurous breed, who's noses are in everything and who like to have a
go at anything that moves, and you need to keep a very careful eye on them in case they get into something that could
harm them. They think that they are invincible, but sadly they are not.  So you need to be on the look out for other
dogs that might want to pick a fight (your Mini will rarely back down, even from the biggest of dogs).  Snakes are
another dangerous killer of Mini Foxies so are another foe to be on the lookout for.  Another of the greatest causes
of injury and death of Mini Foxies are motor vehicles - Mini Foxies have little, if any, "road sense".  Sadly we so
often hear of owners losing their beloved pet in a road accident or with snake bite. Whilst Mini Foxies love the
adventure of the outdoors they are not a dog that should live outdoors.  They need to be where "their people are", so
if you don't like dogs living inside with you and the rest of your family, don't buy a Mini Foxie. You also need to take
care with puppies and children.  Children and puppies should never be left alone, not because there is any danger to
the child - but inadvertently to the puppy.  Children wanting to nurse and/or play with puppies should only do so when
sitting on the floor (or the grass outside).  Sadly we often hear of children carrying puppies around,accidentally
dropping them or having them jump out of their arms and, land awkwardly breaking bones, causing terrible pain to the
puppy, expense for the family, and awful guilt for the child, so it is always better to be sure than sorry and sit on
the floor to play with, or nurse your new puppy - It is also a good idea for adults to do the same.

I will not sell puppies to anyone who does not intend making them a part of the family and will have them living inside
the house with the rest of the family.  Because they have such fine coats, they leave very little mess with dropped
hair and once the initial toilet training is complete they are a very clean little dog, and there will rarely be any
problems in this area.  Many pet owners provide a "doggy door" for their pet, so that the pet can come and go to the
back yard as it pleases.  Another useful "tool" for those living in apartments is the "Doggy Loo" which you can
purchase on line or at any good pet store. If you do not want your pet sleeping with you (or the children) and do not
want it wandering around the house at night you can easily teach it to sleep in a crate that you have in a warm secure
room of your home.  We will be glad to help you with crate training if that is what you would like to do.

If leaving your pet outside for any length of time be aware that there are those unscrupulous individuals around who
will steal any dog they can get their hands on.  Sadly there is a lot of illegal dog fighting going on, where big money
is bet on fights.  No pet of any breed is safe from this disgusting and distressing practice and little dogs like our
Mini Foxies are very popular as bait dogs, because they are feisty but could never hurt the 'fighting' dog.  So keep a
close eye on your pets and do not leave them unattended for any length of time.  

We hope the above information is useful to you and that you do not take offence at our expectations of you as a
potential owner of a Dajackie Puppy or older dog.  We like to make sure that our Puppies will suit you and your
lifestyle and that you will be suitable owners of our puppies. Only by doing this can we satisfy ourselves that we have
done everything we can to ensure the well being of our little dogs so that they will  be destined for a "forever home"  
where they will be loved and well cared for and; that you will be happy to make our puppy a part of your family.
Mini Foxies are definately "People dogs" and want and need to be part of your family.  They want to be involved in
everything you do whether it is kicking a ball around outside or curled up on your lap or next to you, while reading a
book or watching TV. The more you involve them in your life, the more they will be part of your family.  They are one
of the most loyal and faithful breeds of dogs that you will ever come across, and will bring great joy and love to your
I have proudly owned and/or bred this marvelous little "Australian made terrier" for nigh on 50 years and can not
imagine my life without them.
Mini Foxie Puppies, Adolescences and Older Dogs For Sale
This Photo of Dajackie Puppies by Mrs Judy McGinniskin

We are very proud to say that we have had our first litters of Mini
Foxies for 2019.  If you are interested, please read carefully the
information below. If you then think a Mini Foxie is the dog you
would like to own, contact me to talk about what you would like.
Puppy Info and photos are after all the written information

We do stress that Mini Foxies are a family dog and as such are not meant for people who want their
dog to live outside all the time.  If your dog has to live outside, and is not allowed indoors to be part
of the family, then don't buy a Mini Foxie.
Please read the following information before you think about buying a puppy.
I may have a couple of older dogs available to very special homes during this year.  These will only be
available to people who can travel here to meet us and the little dog that may be available. It is very
important that a bond be developed between the little dog and the new owner. So we will not consider
anyone who is to far away in case the little dog needs to come back to us in the event that the dog
and/or the new owner are not compatible with each other. We always suggest a trial period of 4 to 6
weeks for the little dog to settle in and bond with the new owner. Some older dogs will settle in
immediately, others will take a little while, and occasionally, there will be a little dog that will just NOT
make the adjustment to a new home.  These little dogs need to be able to come back home to us so they
can live out their lives with us here in familiar surroundings.  This is not often the case, but because it
can happen, we are not prepared to let our older dogs go to far away so it becomes difficult for them to
come back home, if things do not work out.    
Litter Born 30th January 2019
Ready to go to new homes 27th March 2019
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Dajackie Eclipse Tan and white long tail male
Dajackie Eureka Tan & white long tail male  
Dajackie Ebony Tan & white longtail female
Dajackie Elvira Tan and white bobtail female
Dajackie Emma Tan & white bobtail female
Dajackie Camelot Tan and white male with bobtail
 Sire:                            Dam:
 Dajackie Nelson               Sarah's Gift of Dajackie
1 outstanding Tri Colour male with a long tail and
1 beautiful Tri Colour female with a long tail   
Litter Born 24th March 2019
Ready to go to new homes 19th May 2019
We are very pleased to say that puppies from our 2019 Litters are
now going to their "Forever Homes".  Those puppies that have been
sold have gone - or are going to homes in Canberra ACT, Oberon
NSW, Central Coast of NSW, Sydney NSW, Northcote Victoria,
Beechworth Victoria and Mindarie Western Australia.  
There are still two tan and white girls and one tan and white boy
available for sale.  They are marked above as "Still Available"
Photos of our puppies who have gone to their loving "forever" homes,
will feature below as we receive them from their new owners
Photo below;
Franklin of Dajackie  - Tri Colour male with long tail
Photo below;
Frieda of Dajackie  - Tri Colour female with long tail
Dajackie Cabaret Tan & white long tail female