Our Mini Foxie Boys
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"Home of the Big Hearted Little Aussie Dog"
"Home of the Big Hearted Little Aussie Dog"

The most important thing we look for, even before type and conformation, in our Mini Foxie Boys is

The best looking Mini Foxie, who may be a champion in the show ring, is of no use to us, if he does
not have a good temperament!
 We will not consider breeding with any dog that does not have a good
temperament - in fact we would not even bother to own a dog without a good temperament.  So all
our "Boys" whether being used as sires or not, have lovely temperaments.  They are proud, tough and
courageous, but are also gentle loyal and loving companions for life.  They make wonderful family dogs,
but are equally as good for "singles" and elderly couples.
They truly are "The Big Hearted Little Aussie Dog"
Our Foundation and leading sire, bred by my daughter Judy McGinniskin, Toby
embodies all those characteristics so prized in the Mini Foxie.  He is a soft, gentle,
loving and faithful companion (and a wonderful foot warmer in bed), while showing
the tenacity and toughness that Mini Foxies have always been known and admired
for.  Toby has sired beautiful puppies, that themselves have made wonderful
companions, and are doing exceptionally well in the show ring, as did Toby himself.  
Toby's mother is Cindy of Davmac and his father is Blackie of Davmac. Toby has
been retired from stud duties now as we have retained a number of his daughters
and granddaughters.  Toby happily passes the day away on my lap, on lying on my
feet.  He will spend the rest of his long life as one of my many beautiful, personal
companion dogs. And will no doubt continue to put puppies in their place, when they
get out of line.

Nelson is a sweet natured little boy with loads of personality his mum Dajackie
Chiquita, was a daughter of Davmac Toby and his dad was Ros Mohr Gaelic
Spirit.  Nelson is a proven sire of top quality puppies who are showing the same
qualities as their dad.  He is a very gentle and affectionate fellow and loves a
cuddle at any time. He is also very good natured with other dogs both male and
female and is also very kind and gentle with young puppies.

Affectionately known as "Red" this handsome natural bobtail Min
Foxie is a magnificent little dog.  He has personality plus with
tons of natural charisma, combined with a beautiful gentle and
affectionate  temperament.  His progeny  are showing the same
characteristics as their dad. He is also throwing a large
proportion of natural bobtail puppies. He is a son of Dajackie
Nelson and his mum was the very beautiful Dajackie Queen Bee
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Davmac Toby
We have a couple of beautiful young dogs coming on to supplement our Gene Pool.  One is a lovely tri colour, with a long
tail, and the other is an outstanding black and white, natural bobtail (Bobby Blue of Dajackie).

Both these "boys" will join our breeding program once they have had their various veterinary checks, have been tested
PLL free, and have passed classification to Adults with the Mini Foxie Club.

We believe both these boys will give us an outside cross that will be very complementary

We were very fortunate to be able to acquire this little dog a couple of years
ago, when his elderly owner was looking for good homes for his little dogs
before moving interstate to live with his daughter.  The elderly gentleman had
been breeding the little dogs for many years, but had never joined the Mini
Foxie Club.  The little dog was only a few months old when we got him, so we
had to wait for him to "grow up" before we would know if he would make the
grade, pass his Veterinary Assessment and be accepted by the Mini Foxie Club.

We are very happy to say that "Bobbie" has passed all his tests and is now
Registered with the Mini Foxie Club of Australia Inc.  He brings us a valuable
out cross of genes and his first litters of puppies have been outstanding.