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Our Mini Foxie Girls
"Home of the Big Hearted Little Aussie Dog"
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We are very proud to present our Mini Foxie Girls to you.  We have a very diverse gene
pool so are able to ensure that there is no "in breeding" with our Mini Foxies.

Our "girls" have been especially selected for type temperament and loyalty, and all of them
are very much a part of our family. All of the girls are very special to me and very much

If there is one of the breeding girls that you like the look of and would like a puppy from
- let me know and I can let you know when puppies might be available.
Davmac Chloe:

A much loved member of our family, Chloe was bred by my daughter Judy McGinniskin, who
owns Davmac Mini Foxies and Jack Russell Terriers with her husband, Grant. Chloe is by
"Shady Oaks Trendy Lad", from the beautiful bitch that belonged to Davmac Kennels,
Champion "Braeview Saphyre".  Chloe has had several beautiful litters of puppies and all her
puppies have inherited her soft, gentle, and loving nature.  Chloe has an incredible gentle
nature and is so faithful and loyal. She is also very understanding - is a marvelous hunter,
and is very "tuned in" to everything that is going on. An irreplaceable gem, she has now been
retired from breeding and spends most of her time with me!  She is also involved in visiting
hospitals and aged care facilities.
Dajackie Brave Bindi:

Bindi is a real sweetheart with the most beautiful gentle temperament and
personality. Her sire is Davmac Toby and her mum Davmac Chloe, She is only
tiny, but can hold her own with the best of them. Bindi is very fast and loves
going after anything that moves. Her puppies have been beautiful and very true
to type, with lots of presence and personality. Bindi had a litter of puppies
around a year ago and this may be her last litter before she retires, however
typical of her line, she just loves being a mum, so next time she comes in
season we will see what our trusted vet thinks about letting her have another
Dajackie Miss Echo:

Echo is from a dear little girl Fleetwood Fair Bella (who sadly is now deceased) and who we
were luck enough to be able to lease from her Breeder, Mrs Christine Crawford. Echo's father
is our leading sire Davmac Toby. Like all our Mini Foxies she has a gentle and loving nature and
is never happier than when she is with her "humans".  She had a small litter in mid October
2017.  Her puppies have been outstanding, with presence, personality and a loving nature.  She
has been shown with great success and is passing on her beautiful persona to her puppies.
Dajackie Lively Lass:

Another daughter of Davmac Chloe, "Lass" is by Ros Mohr Gaelic Spirit. Like all her line
she is a great hunter and a wonderful companion.  Her puppies have been much sought
after for their outgoing but gentle natures.  She is never happier than when curled up on
my bed!  We may breed one more litter from Lass before we retire her.  She loves
being a mum, and given half the chance will hop in bed and "mother" any baby puppies.
Dajackie Impala:

"Impy" is another daughter of Dajackie Lively Lass and her dad is my beautiful
boy Davmac Toby, and like all her line she is a great hunter.  She is also a
beautiful soft and gentle companion, who is never happier than when she is with
her "humans".  She has had a few litters of puppies and they are just like her in
temperament, with that same soft and gentle nature mixed with a very "cheeky"
outgoing side.  Her puppies are much in demand.  Typical of her mum and
grandma she loves being a mother, and never tires of her babies. Some breeders
take their bitch's away from their pups quite early, but with mum's like "Impy"
who dote on their puppies, they teach their puppies so much that helps them in
later life.  Always sorry to see her last puppy go, she then sets herself the task
of looking after me or my grandson Mitchell. Always on the look out for Rodents
if you look carefully you can see the tail of a hapless rat that Impala has just
Sarahs Gift of Dajackie:  
Sarah is a great granddaughter of the wonderful bitch Jenallen Sarah, who sadly died in
2015, at the age of 16.  Her mother is Dajackie Miss Echo and her father was Dajackie
Ninja Man (Jenallen Sarah's grandson) Her great grandmother was one of three females
we purchased from a breeder in Queensland who was disposing of all her Mini Foxies.  
Jenallen Sarah had at some time been terribly traumatised and was very frightened of
men. She never completely overcame her fear of men, but became my faithful shadow and
would have followed me, and defended me anywhere.  This little great granddaughter is so
like her in appearance and faithful nature that I felt her worthy to carry her great
grandmothers name.
"Sarah" has had three litters of puppies and I am so pleased with the puppies, they have
their mothers outgoing nature and just love being with people.
Abby Lane of Dajackie:

Abby is a litter sister to Amy's Gift of Dajackie and
is very much like her grandmother Davmac Chloe,
both in type and nature. She is very gentle but
fiercely protective of those she loves (both two
legged and four legged). Abby" had her first litter
of puppies in early 2017. She loved being a "mum"and
did a wonderful job with her puppies. From all
accounts the puppies are very like her, with the same
soft and gentle nature. She is an extremely fast
hunter and already has a number of rats and mice to
her credit.
Dajackie Dimity:

Dajackie Dimity is by Davmac Toby from Jenallen Susie.  Dimity was a charismatic girl with a
beautiful temperament.  She likes to take hold of your fingers and "lead" you around.  Whilst
definitely "holding your hand" she is so gentle there is never a mark left.  Dimity has had
some beautiful puppies and now has great grandchildren.  One of my most successful lines
Dimity's maternal parentage came from Queensland and continues to be a favourite with all
who know her. She has been shown very successfully.
Through no fault of her own and much younger than we would have liked, Dimity has been
retired from breeding and has been desexed.  As a much loved member of our family she will
live with Mitch and me for the rest of her life unless, there is some very special person who
would like to have Dimity as a companion. I will only consider this with very special
conditions.  Contact me if you would like more information  
Dajackie Imari:

Imari is a daughter of Dajackie Brave Bindi and Ros Mohr Gaelic Spirit.  She is a rat
hunter and killer of great renown and with one flick of her head dispatches the filthy
creatures to "greener pastures".  She has a loyal and loving nature. She has had some
beautiful puppies, all with her beautiful nature. We retained a beautiful daughter
Dajackie Penny Proud, who continues Imari's.  Imari has been retired from breeding
(through no fault of her own) and has now been desexed.   As a much loved member of
our family she will live with Mitch and me for the rest of her life as "number one rat
catcher", unless, there is some very special person who would like to have dear little
"Immy" as a companion. I will only consider this with very special conditions.  Contact me
if you would like more information  
Lady Luck of Dajackie:

Lady is from Dajackie Lively Lass and her dad is Ridgey Didge of Dajackie.  Lady
had her first litter of puppies born on Melbourne Cup Day 2016.  Lady has a very
gentle nature and "talks" to you, both with her eyes and her voice. She is a real
"person" dog, enjoying the company of her "humans" more than other dogs.  She
proved to be a wonderful little mum and was so proud of her babies. She has been
shown once, at Bathurst Mini Foxie Show, in 2016 where she performed really
well. If we start to show again, she will definitely be on our "show team"
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Amy's Gift of Dajackie:

Amy is a beautiful little girl born in 2014 and from the wonderful
Dajackie Amy, who we sadly lost tragically when Amy and her siblings
were only three weeks old.  Her Dad is Ridgey Didge of Dajackie.  We
have not bred from her yet as she has been a bit slow to mature, but
will probably breed her next time she comes on heat.  She is very like
her mum, and is full of energy but likes nothing better than to curl up
on your lap.
Jenallen Susie:

Susie has been one of our most successful show dogs.  Never out of the
"winners circle" she has won many hearts and converts to the Mini Foxie
breed. Another of the girls that came from Queensland, her line has
established itself as one of the most successful in our breeding.  Her most
notable daughter is Dajackie Dimity, who has never been beaten in the
showring and whose progeny has proved popular in all states.  Ridgey Didge
of Dajackie, is a great grandson that we have retained and is now my senior
sire. Susie who is now 15 years old was retired from breeding some years
ago but is still very fit and active. Like all my "golden oldies", Susie has been
As a much loved member of our family she will live with Mitch and
me for the rest of her life unless, there is some very special person who
would like to have Susie as a companion. I will only consider this with very
special conditions.  Contact me if you would like more information  
Dajackie Penny Proud:

A very beautiful and "typey" Mini Foxie, Penny is from Dajackie Imari and by Davmac
Toby.  Penny has a loving nature and like her mum is a wonderful Rodent hunter.  Her
puppies too are great hunters and wonderful companions.  Her puppies have the same
loving and loyal nature as their mum.  Penny is a real "person" dog and much prefers
human companionship to that of her own kind.  She is never happier than when she can
curl up somewhere close to her "people", where she can keep an eye on them and what
they are doing.